From now on, sharing your creative ideas and making them work for you has never been easier. Posting your ideas on Jai Guru Deva and watching them grow is a unique experience. No matter how you express it, your creativity is the guest of honour and the star of the show.

Music, Film, Dance, Theatre, Science, Community – on Jai Guru Deva ingenuity has no boundaries.


Are you dreaming about  hundreds or even thousands of ideas that you can’t wait to try out? Are you looking for other creative people like yourself who can help you turn your dreams into reality? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Jai Guru Deva is your portal to creative networking where you can share your ideas with other creative people from all over the world and capitalize on your passion, sharing the development of your  projects with other people like yourself.

Converting your ideas into reality on Jai Guru Deva is a wonderful, creative journey: even when they are not so clear, Jai helps you to focus on each step of the creative process. Let’s see how it works.

Shaping and publishing your ideas is easier than ever

It’s easier than ever to shape your ideas using Jai Guru Deva: follow the guided path of your personal canvas and publish your project in just a few clicks.

What’s more, you decide whether to publish your ideas and only share them with your friends or with the objective of getting onto the market. Jai Guru Deva will help you throughout every phase of the operation, whether it be for work or pleasure.

Publish one of your ideas now

Develop some idea

On Jai Guru Deva you will discover projects that need your help in developing them. Explore some of the ideas in your own fields of interest, make the most of your passion and work on the proposals together with other creative people from all over the world.

What’s more, you can create your own team and use JGD’s Creative Labs to coordinate the shared development of your ideas, asking other creative people like yourself to take part in the projects.

Meet the Teams

With the JGD Store you can make the most of your ideas.

Your talent is your main asset and using the JGD Online Store you can market your ideas as soon as they have been converted into either digital or physical products.

And if you worked on the development of another JGD creative member’s idea, your share of the work will be paid based on the real value of what you brought to the development stage.

Visit the Store!

Change your projects from abstract ideas into concrete products through Jai Guru Deva. Learn how here.

Creative assistance for your ideas

Getting your ideas into shape even when they are confused has never been easier. Let yourself be guided by your personal canvas.

Defining your development needs

Any idea needs help to grow and at Jai Guru Deva you are just a click away from help in nurturing your or someone else’s ideas.

The teams and the JGD Creative Labs

Create your own work group and use the JGD Creative Labs to coordinate the work.

Sharing the wealth

Share your profits based on how much work you and the other Creative People provided in the development of the idea through the JGD Online Store.

JGD Basic

The Network of Creative People is tailor-made to fit your needs, whether for work, pleasure, or passion.

JGD Schools

Use Jai Guru Deva to coordinate work among your students, between your classes, and even between different schools.

JGD University

A shared creative laboratory available to undergraduate and graduate students alike.

JGD Business

Develop growth strategies in your company using Jai Guru Deva’s operational tools.
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