Development Teams & the JGD Creative Labs!

TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More“. That’s the way it is: working together every one of us can do more, be more, have more.

This is the basic philosophy of the Creative Network and it’s why we have created the JGD Creative Labs. They are true digital labs of creativity which will help you to easily organize the development of your ideas.

Use Jai Guru Deva’s creative labs to form your working teams. You can invite your friends and any member of the Creative Network to join your team; you can keep track of  all development contributions suggested by your co-workers; you can share multimedia material and discuss it with all the members, expressing your impressions and your preferences.

Create your first team. Let us show you how.

How to put a Team together

1. Go hunting for ideas

Look for ideas that need you for their development. You can choose among dozens of categories, depending on your interests and passions – Music, Film, Cartoons, Architecture, IT, School, Society – there is a wealth of choices.

As soon as you have found an idea that suits your interests, you can begin working on it straightaway. And of course, it’s not important if the person who came up with the idea is in Hokkaido or San Francisco and you are in Rome or Paris. Using Jai Guru Deva, you can shorten distances with a click of the mouse.

2. Satisfy a need

Every idea for a project published on Jai Guru Deva needs several things to be developed. An idea for a song, for example, might need a bass player; an idea for a story might need an illustrator and so on.

Click on the DO IT! button next to the need you can fill and contribute your propasal for development to the originator of the idea. Make your proposal more appealing by adding descriptive text, video, audio, photos.

3. Join the Team

As soon as your development proposal will be accepted by the ideator, the working team will be set up straightaway. You and the originator of the idea can immediately begin working together on the development of the idea from your convenient dedicated creative laboratory.

If a team for the idea that interests you has already been set up, you will automatically be included in it straight after the originator has accepted your proposal. On the other hand, you can bypass the DO IT! button and make a direct request to be a part of the team.

The tools of the Team

Creative Activities Timeline

JGD Labs organizes each team member’s input on a timeline so as to be able to quickly find the chronological history of the development of the idea.

Shared up-dates

Each time a member adds a new input to the project, it is emailed to all the other team members in order to guarantee constant updating about the most recent activities.

Invitation to join in

When the team needs a new member, each existing member can invite all the other JGD Creatives to join the team; all it takes is a click.

Instant communication

When working in the labs, the members can communicate as a group using the forum or privately, sharing text, audio, video and photos in real time.

Sharing multimedia files

Each file shared can be discussed in a “room” or “window” dedicated to the assessment of the material, which is useful to guarantee exclusive focus on each single document.

Managing the files

For easier management, all multimedia documents can be organized in files and albums which are available to all members.

All the Teams on Jai Guru Deva

Teams have been formed to develop animated cartoons, to compose and arrange music, to illustrate children’s stories or to share the phases of production of a film. Discover all of the teams now working on Jai Guru Deva.

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