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My little Angel” is a song I wrote few months ago thinking about my future child: the melody and the rhythm came all of a sudden while I was strumming the guitar and I recorded it on my phone. The only lyrics that made sense were “My Little Angel” for the chorus and “It’s all right” for the verse; everything else is just pure mumbling. Forgive me for the bad quality and the poor performance:

I don’t know what sort of final arrangement I would like to produce: maybe Acoustic in a sort of “Dylan-ish” way, or maybe a bit heavier to get to a sort of an Evocative-Rock style, I really have no idea. If you like the song and want to help me finish it (specially in terms of lyrics and arrangement) you really are more than welcome.

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  1. Giulia 3 years ago

    Mi piace.

  2. Mercy 3 years ago

    I’ve listened to it plenty of times already, I like it! I think acoustic finger picking and voice will be enough. Looking forward to listening to the studio version. 😉

    • Author
      Gian Lorenzo 3 years ago

      On the way!! 🙂 So kind, Mercy, thanks a million!

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