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Demo of Disco-Funk song.


Pubblico l'idea perché ho intenzione di introdurla sul mercato.

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I prepared a video that says it all about the song, here it is:

In addition to the parts played in the video, I also have the middle 8 (or “release”, which is more like a sort of middle 32..!), the bridge and then a kind of a surprising outro that leads the story to what I hope will be considered an unexpected way of ending the song.

In terms of lyrics, I was thinking about the possibility to talk about “The FunKy MaN“, a brave, firm, gentle outsider, quite resolute in living the life he thinks he is supposed to live, discovering his talents, boosting and then offering them to the service of society, that instead seems to reject them and to have other plans for him (that explains the refrain “Go get him, the funky man“). The ending talks about the final rich balance reached by the Funky Man and the society after some vibrant and sometimes ferocious “combats“, that I would like to express with the music.

If you want to help me to write the lyrics, to mix and to master the song, get in touch via Jai.

Cheers! 🙂


  1. Giulia 3 years ago

    Funziona! A me forse piace più acustica ma non so bene, dovrei sentire l’arrangiamento del demo sistemato. Quindi arriva il prossimo mese?

  2. Alba 3 years ago

    C’è una versione un po’ più lunga?

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