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IntArtView With is the section of JGD that spotlights the creative people of  our time to discover what, in their own words, the creative process is. How is an idea born? How is  it developed? What’s the best way to present it and express it? And finally, where to place it?

These and other questions are what you’ll find in IntArtView With, a unique and exclusive way to explore the bright ideas and inspirations of creative people of our time, in any area of interest.

Horacio Durán Vidal

In the December issue of IntArtView, the legendary Horacio Durán Vidal – founder of the band Inti Illimani in 1967 and member of the group Inti Illimani Histórico since 2004, speaks to us about the evocative power of music as well as revealing what the creative process consists in when expressing emotions through sounds.

Luigi Di Maio

In the November issue of IntArtViewLuigi Di Maio, vice-president of the Italy’s Chamber of Deputies, shows us the main features of Direct Democracy and Shared Politics as well as revealing what the creative process consists in when creating a public law.

Thomas Torelli

In the October issue of  IntArtView we talk to producer and director Thomas Torelli, creator of “Un Altro Mondo“, “Sangue e Cemento“, “Mater Lagunae“, “Inchiesta sull’11/9“, and “Food ReLOVution“. We look at the new paths of Cinema 2.0, trying to understand how the Internet is helping new productions both to see the light and to find distributors.

For further information and to contact Thomas Torelli: 

Riccardo Iacona

In the September issue of IntArtView, we asked the master of journalism Riccardo Iacona about what had motivated him to become an investigative reporter and what creative processes are needed to discover, shape and publish news.

Antonio De Falco

In the May issue of IntArtView, together with Antonio De Falco, president of the “Libera Scuola di Argicoltura Sinergica Emilia Hazelip“, we discussed how essential it still is to care for the soil and  how the soil can guarantee the health of our planet and its inhabitants. We also talked about how we can bring living spaces, industrial zones and agricultural areas to a greater and more harmonious equilibrium of reciprocal respect and assistance, and we learned about  the innovative methods proposed by the technical experts of Synergistic Agriculture.

Francesco Fassone

In the March issue of IntArtView, together with architect and set designer Francesco Fassone, we discovered the importance of “nothingness”  (the void) in set design, wondering how one can work with the composition of space, defying and violating the emptiness, placing elements and symbols in it which can increase the impact of a theatrical offering.

Vittorio Muò

In the January issue of IntArtView, Vittorio Muo’, teacher, concert player, composer and producer, talked to us about the state of music today. Through the music of Tchaikovsky and the Beatles he gave us his views on the endeavors of a generation of musicians trying to identify and elevate  the experimental innovative music of the 1960s and 70s to the ranks of classical music.

For further insights and contact with Vittorio Muo’, visit the YouTube channel on this link.

Tecnologia Filosofica

In the December issue of IntArtView, together with Aldo Torta, Stefano Botti and Paolo De Santis who are part of the “Tecnologia Filosofica” artistic research company of Turin (Italy), we discuss how the co-mingling of genres can provide a stimulus to artistic innovation. We look at how dance, music and theatre are dealing with this period of transition and what proposals they have for the new generations that are alternatives to the usual offerings. We also talk about the challenges that need to be faced during the creative process of bringing a theatrical performance to life.

For further insights and contact with Tecnologia Filosofica, visit the site

Eduardo Carrasco

In the October issue of IntArtView, the great muralist Eduardo “Mono” Carrasco shows us what the creative process in creating a mural consists in. Moreover he leads us back to the origins of Chilean mural art, from its earliest forms of pictorial expression through censorship and political persecution to the recognition of mural art as a national art form following the fall of the Pinochet regime in 1989.

For further insights and contact with Eduardo Carrasco, visit the site

Thuline Andreoni

In the September issue of IntArtView, actor and director Thuline Andreoni speaks to us about conditions in the theatrical world in Italy today as well as revealing what the creative process consists in when creating a character for the stage or the staging of the production itself.

For further insights and contact with ThulineAndreoni, visit the Associazione Culturale Scarpette Rosse site at this link.

Antonio Voto

In the July issue of IntArtView, the architect, ‘renderist’ and photographer Antonio Voto talks to us about the secrets of digital rendering. Through his studies and his works we wonder just how real or ephemeral is the border between real and virtual in the Internet era and its new digital technologies. Together we travel through all the phases of the creative process of a rendering: from its initial abstract idea to the final result, where fantasy and reality join together as a truly amazing whole.

For further insights and contact with Antonio Voto, visit the site

Guy M. Franca

In the June issue of IntArtView, the French clinical psychologist Guy Michel Franca shows us the advantages of action based on the ethical method of human relations which he has researched and developed over 25 years of  study and application. It is a method which considers ethics to be an expression of universal values that belong to all human beings, notwithstanding their cultural or moral context. It proclaims the enhancement of each person’s potential and creativity in order to re-establish the centrality of the person and the harmony with the society in which the person lives.

For further information on the Ethical Human Relations method, visit the site or get in touch with doctor Guy Michel Franca via


In the province of Cuneo we find Camo, a lovely town deep in the undulating hills of the Langhe and its vineyards of Moscato wine. Together with the inhabitants of the area we can discover how the traditions of the area merged with art and creativity to transform the town from an unknown ‘meteor’ into an attraction for artists and curiosity-seekers from all over the world.

For further information and contacts, go the this link.

Giorgia Oldano

Giorgia Oldano is an Italian hyper-realist who graduated from Turin’s Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in painting. In 2012 she won first prize as Italian Champion of Naturalistic Drawing; in 2013 she was awarded a prize as an International Artist in the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year competition and she was chosen to exhibit at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wisconsin (U.S.A.) for the prestigious “Birds in Art” annual exhibition.

Giorgia  likes to call herself a “disordered dreamer” and she believes that a part of herself will always be a child, nourished on books, colours, music, photography and the outdoor world.

To see all her works and for further information or to contact Giorgia Oldano, visit the site

Thomas Li Vigni

Thomas Li Vigni is a graphic designer and digital painter of Italian origin. Born in Ville-Urbanne in 1987, Thomas graduated from the Albe Steiner School of Graphic Design in 2006 and then attended the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin where he received both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree with a specialization in painting. He specializes in digital painting and works mainly on the computer, printing his  incredible renderings on multiple backings. The results are artistic works that meld painting, photography, graphic design and fashion design in a unique, truly amazing and inspirational  whole.

Thomas is continually searching for new horizons of expression and of experimental painting.

To see all his works, for further information or to contact Thomas Li Vigni, visit the site

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