Tecnologies for mobility improving on individuals with disabilities.


Pubblico l'idea per semplice condivisione.

Necessità di sviluppo

Bisogno Coefficiente Share & Action
A team of people that believe mobility is not a privilege but a human right and that tecnology have to contribute in its best way to fullfill such right. Alto
A team of people that enjoy different fields of tecnology and that can help to develop our projects and products. Alto


I am a 27 year old Italian engineer and I’m looking for people who want to join me in bringing to light some projects. I dream the technology pushed forward serving those who need it more. Let’s think to those who have limited mobility of their body because of an accident or a disease.

Everyone must have the right to reach its potential and be able to get a chance to change the world in a better one. Everyone means that extremely innovative technology have to meet these people, both in an effective and affordable way.

I have a couple of projects in my mind and I want to share them with you. I’m looking to bring together a team with the following positions:

  • an electronic responsible (for everything concerns electronics, circuits, schematics, boards manufacturing, etc.);
  • a mechanical responsible (3D design, fast-prototyping, mech parts manufacturing, etc.);
  • a software responsible (processing, algorithms, firmware developing, etc.);
  • a bioengineer responsible (interaction and communications between humans and electronic interfaces, biosignals decoding, etc.);
  • a media & communication responsible (we’ll need a name, a logo, a website, we’ll need to have an identity and spread our ideas and products, etc.).

Be aware this won’t be a work in the short-term. I have one and I’m not going to leave it at the moment but I will support our projects if we won’t find some sponsors. I’m looking for people who want to dedicate their free time in thinking to a greater cause and act in the same way. In their homes, in their boxes, in trains when they get at work or at school, everywhere we can. Maybe one day it can happen that our cause will become something greater, maybe a project to dedicate all our time and all our efforts.

If such message got you interested or just curious, get in touch with me.

I will reply to you for certain.

Waiting to know you soon…


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