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“Painted Seasons” is a children’s fantasy story I wrote back in high school (6 years ago) for a 12th grade writing class. Living in New Hampshire, every autumn the vast majority of the trees turn red, orange, or yellow right before all the leaves fall off for the winter. It’s a magnificent sight! I look forward to and love when the tree changes colors each year =) . When first developing the story idea, I knew I wanted it to be a fantasy piece but integrate the beauty and love I have for autumn in a way that children would enjoy.

“Painted Seasons”  describes the transition from the autumn season to the winter season, created by a clan of forest fairies and a winter spirit.

∗∗ Here is a .pdf file of the story “Painted Seasons” Painted Seasons_RMJacobson

Thank you for reading this post! If anyone would like to help develop my creative idea, let me know =)

Thank you,

~Rebecca J

2 Commenti
  1. Silvia 5 anni fa

    A very good read! I like its simple storyline yet vivid details. 🙂

  2. Gian Lorenzo 5 anni fa

    I really like it, Rebecca, the story is wonderful! I can help digitizing the illustrations and producing the digital book: I use the program “iBooks Author” (do you know it?) which is great for creating interactive and engaging reading experiences. Also, I’ll try to come up with some tune that might tell the same story with sounds, melodies and harmonies: that could work as a soundtrack. Have you maybe thought about the possibility to offer it also as an audio book (with your voice reading it and the music playing softly in the background)?
    Great work!! 🙂

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