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Once upon a time, in an ordinary village, there was an ordinary school where Stella, a brilliant little girl, was always eager to learn.

One day, the pupils’ beloved teacher Ms Meek called upon her and asked:

Stella, would you please come to the blackboard and draw a nice little star for us?”.

Sure, Ms Meek!”,

 said Stella as she jumped on her feet and approached the board. Jollily, she grasped the chalk and drew a star.

Oh, my dear, that’s not a star. It’s a beautiful heart, isn’t it?“,

asserted Ms Meek.

In my last dream, I crawled up into the sky and saw many flickering hearts!“,

said Stella lightheartedly.

Flickering hearts?!“,

questioned Ms Meek. The answer came in a shy whisper:

All because mummy hugged me and kissed me goodnight”.

Oh Stella, that’s so sweet, but let’s draw a proper star now. We’ve been drawing quite a few lately, remember?“.

Stella paused for a moment to recall the shape of a star, then butted in again:

Yes, Ms Meek, now I remember”

and Stella enthusiastically made a teeny-weeny circle and coloured it in.

That was very challenging indeed! Ms Meek was speechless.

You see, that’s what I see by my window when I look up to the sky and say my prayers“,

explained Stella with absolute honesty.

Ok, my child, that’s enough. I will show you what a star is“,

replied Ms Meek before standing up at the drop of a hat and sketching a big star.

Oh, I apologise Ms Meek, now I understand you wanted me to draw a starfish! I thought starfish lived in seas, not in the sky! So… Can they fly, too, Ms Meek?“,

asked the little girl.

No, they can’t, but this is not a starfish, Stella!“,

Ms Meek was a little confused by now.

Listen Stella, let’s leave all these doubts to another time“.

And as the bell rang, she added:

It’s time to go home now!“.

The children left the classroom to Ms Meek’s absentminded goodbyes. Finally, she left the school too, in bewilderment yet looking forward to sundown.

That evening, Ms Meek had supper with her family and rushed through the cleaning, waiting for the night to wear on. As darkness thickened, she drew the curtains and hesitantly peeped out the window.

There they were, stars scattered everywhere like the breadcrumbs she had just swept off the blue table cloth.


she thought. Breadcrumbs are round and coarse, or anything but star-shaped. This spurred her on to ask herself:

Am I learning something here?“.

The following morning, Ms Meek addressed Stella first thing after walking into the classroom:

Stella, before you teach us something new, I want you to know that I’ve given you a golden star for your precious contributions. Thank you! Thank you very much!“.

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